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This section of my website concentrates on Dutch Oven Cooking and Cardboard Box Oven Cooking, but there are other commonly-used types as well. One of the best references on the internet is the Guide to "No-Fuss Cooking" by Drucie and Gary Yerkes. This guide was written for Cub Scout leaders who wanted to have their boys cook something outdoors they'd actually eat, with a minimum of special equipment. It's available as an Adobe Acrobat file at http://www.scoutingbear.com/nofuss98.PDF and as a Word file at www.scoutingbear.com/nofuss98.DOC.

This reference covers

Foil Cooking

The Girl Scout Council of Greater Long Beach used to teach the rudiments of dutch oven cooking in the "Troop Camper" class, but the outdoor trainers decided that while fun, it was unlikely that (for example) a Brownie troop would attempt to borrow or purchase a dutch oven and use this method to prepare dinner. In fact, it's unlikely that the average Brownie could lift a cast iron dutch oven and place it in the fire ring!

Although it requires more charcoal (and a larger fire ring), we switched to foil packets for the class, with each patrol in the class having the choice of a chicken breast, Polish sausage, fish, or hamburger as the meat, with 3 vegetables selected by the patrol from a list. The only stipulation on the vegetables is that each member of the patrol must be willing to eat two of them! (This is much more difficult and time-consuming with adults than it is with children.)

The basic method is simple: place everything to be cooked in a sealed foil packet (with a little room on the inside), write a name on the outside using mustard from a squeeze bottle, and place the packet directly on the coals for about 15 minutes. Turn it over, and cook for another 15 ont eh coals. (Actually, I might do the fish for a little less time...)

In addition to the reference above, there are other sources of recipes or suggestions on the internet for this type of cooking:

Many other recipe collections exist. The Reynolds Foil Recipe collection contains many recipes intended for the home oven -- but the foil doesn't care! The WAGGGS-L Cyber Cookbook is a good source as well.

Reflector Oven Cooking

This method of baking used to be traditional in Girl Scouting, but the only comprehensive site I could find was the USScouts.org Reflector Oven page.